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Nov 18, 2022

So, you want to become a CFO or you’re thinking adding CFO advisory services to your firm’s list of services, but what exactly is a CFO and what do they do?

This week Roger chats with Adam Lean, co-founder of, who has also had experience building and selling companies, as they discuss about what a CFO is and what it means to be a CFO.

Adam shares his story of how he got into accounting and then into business, building up his e-commerce business at the start of the internet age to where he was making a million dollars in sales.

Adam says his accounting background and his knack of understanding numbers was key to the success of his businesses. This then led him to offering his services as an outsourced CFO for smaller businesses.

He goes into detail as to what it actually means to be a CFO, why businesses need a CFO and why accountants and bookkeepers should consider becoming one.

He also shares how you can get started becoming or offering CFO services and how you can convince your clients they need the service. Adam also shares details about his membership program.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Adam Lean

Adam Lean is a former accountant turned 2-time entrepreneur who built, scaled, and sold two businesses. While helping other business owners he realized his passion was teaching and providing tools to business owners to help them make more money and have peace of mind. Adam lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife, Holly, and their Great Pyrenees dog, Cooper. is a leader in training financial professionals on offering an outsourced CFO service. Through our exclusive membership program, we provide training, community and support to accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers and other financial professionals who have a heart for helping business owners improve their businesses. 


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