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Jun 22, 2022

In this week’s episode, Roger Knecht speaks to Blaine Oelkers on 21-second-habits. In the conversation, Blaine gives tips on how you can create habits that bring success and results instantly and stick with them for a lifetime. Learn ways of how to personally implement and get the right stuff done. 

Get insights on the power of the mind. What you find in the mind is very important, hence one should be careful not to fill it with negative thoughts. 

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Blaine Oelkers  

Blaine Oelkers is America’s only Chief Results Officer and a leading authority on personal implementation. He is an expert on creating valuable doneness. He loves to help people get results and advice on the habits that bring success and results.

Blaine is;

 - LinkedIn TOP Connector! 25,000+ 1st-Level connections, 1.7M 2nd-Level and 786M 3rd-Level

- TEDx Talk over 190,000 views

- Leading authority in personal implementation and consistency

- Habit Master with a documented streak of 1454 days in a row and counting!

- Lifetime work-from-home entrepreneur

- Graduate of Purdue University & Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Program

- Co-author of 3 books & frequent podcast guest

- Oversees more than 20,000 weekly personal implementation plans check-ins per year


Universal Accounting Center

  • Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth.



There are several resources that you can benefit hugely from. 

Blaine’s TEDx Talk

Mastering Think and Grow Rich – Create the Life You Desire



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