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Nov 10, 2021

Beyond the work we do and the accounting reports we create we need to find out and understand how useful the information is to our clients.  Think about it.  What are they really paying us for?  In fact, what are we doing to generate for them a 5 Star Experience?

Roger and Tyler have an interesting discussion that we...

Jun 2, 2021

Perhaps you’ve heard the business mantra: “under promise and over deliver”.  Maybe you’ve heard again and again how the accounting profession needs to evolve to offer more advisor or coaching services which would compliment the compliance work we perform.  But “what” and “how” may be the questions...

Apr 21, 2021

For years Gabrielle has worked in accounting and perhaps has seen it all.  Therefore, it is no surprise when the conversation turns to providing quality services ethically, but what does that mean?

Take the time to listen in as Roger and Gabrielle discuss the role of the accountant and bookkeeper.

Understand how...