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Nov 25, 2020

For this episode I have something different for you yet very timely.


Right now you may feel things are in turmoil, that change is too much, that fear is too consuming, and of course there is also the unknown. 


Today we are faced with things most of us have never ever had to deal with, but even with these challenges, if we want to remain positive, feel we are still in control we need to have Genuine Gratitude.  


What do I mean?


It has been proven again and again that Gratitude is the way to Abundance which then leads to  true happiness, again a direct product of having Gratitude. Therefore, Gratitude is the Key! 


If we genuinely want to live happy lives, gratitude at all levels becomes the key. How would your life be changed if you were to level-up and find more to be grateful for?


If you want more abundance in your life, find Gratitude, in fact Embrace Gratitude. 


Have an Attitude of Gratitude in everything you do is empowering. In fact Attitudes are contageous…..but is your attitude worth catching? Let’s think about that. Are people attracted to you and do you have an abundance of friends and clients that are thrilled to be with you? Take a look at your attitude and you'll see whether or not people are drawn to you.


What I have found is that Gratitude is best described as being Thankful, but it is also your complete Attitude. It is a belief and an action. 


This grateful attitude does not come easily, it is a choice, you have to decide that you truly want happiness to be your focus and that you want to learn and grow from the things that you face on a daily basis. Then, it becomes easier, it comes step by step.


Listen to what Hal Elrod had to say about this; “Gratitude and Complaining cannot co-exist simultaneously, YOU must choose the one that best serves you.” I don't know that it can be said any better. You must choose what serves you and live it. They cannot both be working simultaneously. What do you choose, Gratitude or Complaining?  


So listen in as I share some of my own personal journey towards having an Attitude of Gratitude.  I'll share some insights, suggestions and how-to's to help you as well.