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Aug 5, 2022

This week, Roger interviews cash flow expert David Safeer, Founder and CEO of David Safeer International, an institution that trains accountants on matters of cash flow, and also works with CFOs to optimize their cash flow and run businesses more effectively.

 They talk about all matters cash flow; managing cash flow, cash flow strategies etc., the reasons why most businesses fail and how as an accountant you can predict the future and help businesses deal with cash effectively.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: David Safeer

David Safeer is a globally recognized expert in cash flow optimization and the founder of David Safeer International, which educates and advises accountants and CFOs on cash flow and profit maximization strategies for their clients.  His work has impacted hundreds of businesses with revenues from $1 million - $20 million in 40 countries.

As vice president and general manager of Kodak Latin America, he transformed his division from years of loss to profitability in 18 months. As president of Iomega Latin America, Inc., David grew revenue by 404% in 5 years and profits by 181%. David has a master’s degree in International Management and 20 years of working with Fortune 100 companies such as Morgan Stanley and Dell.

David teaches accountants how to grow their revenue with cash flow advisory services through his cash flow advisory certification program and mastermind groups. 


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Schedule and have a 30-minute call with David to discuss any challenges you or your clients are having and attend a month of David's Cash Flow Advisory Masterminds for free. This includes access to the Mastermind archives to explore case studies and cash flow frameworks, strategies, and tactics. Between the call and the month mastermind sessions, that's a $650 value.  Also download the EBook 10 Easy No Risk Habits to Start Managing Cash Flow Today   


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