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May 20, 2020

Listen in as Mark and Roger discuss the challenges many express as they consider pricing their accounting services and how best to avoid them.  Consider a simple yet straight forward approach to getting paid what you are worth pricing your services with confidence.  There is a method to the madness.  Listen in and see what you can learn and then apply it in your business.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Mark Wickersham

Mark Wickersham–Chartered Accountant, public speaker and author–is known as the most sought-after profit improvement expert in the accounting community. Mark is also a widely published author on practice issues. His first book, “Effective Pricing for Accountants”, was a number 1 Amazon bestseller. Mark was shortlisted in the AccountingWeb “Outstanding Contribution to Accounting” award.



Universal Accounting Center

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