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Dec 20, 2023

In this episode of the podcast, host Roger Knecht engages in a dynamic conversation with Sam Mendelsohn, a CPA and Mergers and Acquisitions expert. Together, they dive deep into the world of accounting, business valuation, and the critical role accounting professionals can play in helping business owners realize their company's true potential.6


Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Sam Mendelsohn, CPA

Sam Mendelsohn is the President and Chief Operating Officer at The Value Builder System™. Sam is also a former Vice President within an operating division of the Constellation Group (TSE:CSU). Sam has led marketing for over 20 different brands and is a highly-rated MacKay speaker on marketing. He has also delivered over 500 software deployments ranging from marketing systems to full Enterprise Resource Planning systems and corporate performance management systems at companies including Microsoft, Merck, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Sun Media.



Sam shares his journey from traditional accounting to specializing in mergers and acquisitions, emphasizing the importance of business valuation.

They discuss how understanding a business's true value can make a significant difference in decision making, especially during a potential sale.

Sam reveals how crucial it is for business owners to continuously monitor and improve eight key drivers of business value.

Roger and Sam explore real-life scenarios where two seemingly identical businesses can have vastly different valuations.

They emphasize the shift accountants can make into the CFO and advisory services space, helping business owners maximize profitability, navigate operational challenges, and achieve long-term growth.

Sam introduces the concept of a "showroom-ready" business and discusses the pivotal role accountants can play in preparing businesses for potential sales.

They share insights on how aspiring entrepreneurs can start an accounting business, a bookkeeping business, or a tax business, and highlight the importance of learning bookkeeping online and taking online tax courses.

Discover how understanding business valuation and the eight key drivers can be the catalyst for both accountants and their clients to achieve extraordinary success in the world of CFO and advisory services.

Notable Quotes from this episode:

"Those eight drivers are similar to going and buying a home... You're going down this checklist of what that house is going to consist of. Well, it's the same thing with the business."

"Your business should always be showroom ready."

"Find a good framework that you're comfortable leveraging... show up and have that conversation with the client rather than being scared about what to talk about."

"Accountants have such an opportunity to look beyond the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement and really do a lot of good for business owners on the operational side."

Join Roger and Sam in this thought-provoking discussion as they highlight the untapped potential accountants possess to become indispensable partners in business growth and transformation. Discover how understanding business valuation and the eight key drivers can be the catalyst for both accountants and their clients to achieve extraordinary success while offering CFO and advisory services. If you're considering starting an accounting business, a bookkeeping business, or a tax business, or if you want to learn bookkeeping online and explore online tax courses, this episode is packed with valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.



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