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Nov 25, 2020

For this episode I have something different for you yet very timely.


Right now you may feel things are in turmoil, that change is too much, that fear is too consuming, and of course there is also the unknown. 


Today we are faced with things most of us have never ever had to deal with, but even with these challenges,...

Nov 18, 2020

For some the idea of starting an accounting business is the furthest thing from their mind then life is thrust upon them.

Listen as Natalia discusses with Roger her journey from single mother to successful bookkeeper.  Realizing the need for grit to build the business peppered with tenacity pays off.

It is also the...

Nov 11, 2020

The premise of building the premier accounting firm is based upon the unique services we each choose to offer.  Listen as Ryan and Roger discuss why and how you can become a disruptor within the space of accounting to find and retain new clients.

Also hear what Ryan has to share about growing an accounting business to...

Nov 4, 2020

Michelle is an optimist, seeing opportunity and potential new clients everywhere.

Selling accounting services can be fun and when you combine passion with an abundant mindset there is no stopping your potential to build your business.

Listen as Roger and Michelle discuss principles you can use to become comfortable...